Wednesday, 17 November 2010

11 Second task


When i hear the sound i can imagine a scientist in his lab, tapping some buttons and then he gets frustrated and starts to bash whatever it is he is trying to achieve causing him to mistakingly create a small explosion. Here is a moodboard for what i imagine the scientist to look like, almost like a slightly mad/crazy one.  

I also gathered a few images as to what sort of setting the laboratory has, i wanted it to be quite gloomy and full of things, i.e flasks, tables, big machinery, etc...

3D concept of a laboratory

Old photograph of a labaratory

Illustration depicting Frankenstein's lab


I felt that the following two video clips were quite relevant to my work, as i had to show keyboard bashing of some sort, these two clips show this well, even though there is a slight exaggeration throughout both of the clips. I could use these videos as reference when I make my animation.

Inspirational sources

Dexter's Laboratory shows a theme of working in the lab with some humour involved, therefore i felt that this was quite relevant to my work.

  I looked at the animation film 'Igor'. I like the sense of atmosphere and mood towards the theme of being a scientist, and want to bring this into my work aswell. 

I found this animation on youtube and really liked how the explosion happened, and I would like something of similair effect for my animation.

 Image References

Scientists glasses

Scientists computer

High angle

High angle (2)
Close up

Scientists chair



I felt that too much was happening, and there was too much movement from scene to scene so I cut one of the frames out (second frame).

I found this animatic much more effective.

[Pencil Test] 

* Some frames were missing some of the lab components.
* At the beginning of the animation on the second frame the scientist stops pressing buttons, and it doesnt sync well with the sound so i should extend the second angle shot so it looks like he is pressing buttons.

Final version

This was the final outcome for my animation. I felt that my animation was planned the way i wanted it to go, there was only a few alterations from the original plan, such as the extra frame i had to take out. I find that the explosion was one of the strongest points of the animation. 

My animation is quite constrained, due to my drawing skill. If i could improve the animation in any way i would make the animation more flexible and less constrained as my character looks like a robot with minimal movement and repeated actions of the arm. The only thing that seperates him from a robot is his expressions of the face. Another thing i would change is the smoke, I could have researched more into the way smoke moves, the way i drew it is quite constrained and looks more like a tribal pattern, rather than smoke which flows more free in the air. Also i should have been more careful with inking the drawings, as some frames show thicker lines, and some are out of alignment with the previous frames.

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