Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Anticipation task

Drawings from reference, looking at the body.
References from: 'Drawing figure movement' (John Corney), 'The body- how to draw' (Jose M.Parramon)
Body pose with motion




Squash and Stretch + anticipation video:

This video was quite insightful as it showed both anticipation aswell as squash and stretch, simple and effective. 

Found quite an interesting image showing different movements, also shows arcs aswell as movement required within a cycle.
acquired from

For my task I am going to keep it simple, so i decided that I will create a stick like figure jumping from one stand to the next, here are some references and research material I looked at, to create similair movements for my animation.

Final Animation

[Pencil test] 

* One of the frames is missing the left podium
* The first and last frames are set to 1 second
* The frame where he is about to jump is set to 0.2 seconds

[Inked Final] 

This is the final version of my animation. I could have improved it by using better camera quality, but due to time and lack of equipment at home I had to make use of what I had, which caused bad lighting too. 
I also think that I could have paid better attention to the last frame where he stands still, I wanted him to stand straight but I haven't represented that well, I could have added another frame at the end to help achieve his posture properly.

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