Friday, 4 February 2011



Following the clay head I made, i decided to create the same character and make a matching body. The look I was going for was a militant general of some sort. I also drew the design of the armature frame.





Armature movement

Different wires


 This was my first armature which did not work very well at all. His limbs were too weak and had no support whatsoever. Unfortunately I had to start again, but it taught me what to do right next time.

My second armature frame was much better and was a much stronger support. I decided to experiment and use plasticine instead of epoxy putty to fill the limbs and torso. I wanted the plastacine to become hard, so i placed a little ball of plasticine in my freezer as a test. 


After leaving the ball in the freezer for 24 hours I took a look, at first the ball was really hard but after 2 minutes of touching and playing with the ball, it went back to its normal rubber-like state and slowly started to deform. This concluded with not to use plasticine in epoxy's place to hold the limbs together!

This was my first armature and I found it really annoying working with wire, as it was quite fidgety and wouldn't bend the way i wanted it to. I encountered many problems when creating my armature, including having to restart all over. I didn't plan the size of my armature very well either, so it is quite big. I also used plasticine instead of epoxy on the body as an experiment, this made my model quite heavy, which makes it impossible for him to stand, I could solve this problem by using a stronger wire for the limbs or removing some of the plasticine.

Besides the problems I am happy with the armature's appearance, his overall structure and the proportion of the different body parts, especially the hands which i find the most effective. As this was my first armature, it gave me an insight into how to create an armature using only the basic materials, for the next time I would take into consideration the good and bad points from this armature into creating a more successful one.

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