Saturday, 12 February 2011

Critical Study (Narrative Theory)

I will look at Vladimir Propp's character types in:

Lion King (1994)



Hero: [Simba] The main protaganist of the film is Simba, son of King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi. King Mufasa is the ruler of the lands who later dies, leaving Simba full of guilt, this was all due to Scars scheming, whom also makes Simba run away from the land. When Simba grows up he seeks to accomplish peace in his homeland by overthrowing Scar and returning his rightful ownership of being the king of the land and rescuing his loved one, Nala. 

Villain: [Scar] The villain of the film is Scar, who is the brother of Mufasa and uncle to Simba. Due to his greed of being king, Simba is the only thing to stand in his way as he is next in line for the throne. Scar causes disruption and deception throughout the lands, leaving Mufasa dead and causing Simba to deal with the guilt of his father's death.
Donor: [Rafiki] Rafiki is like an ancient shaman, providing the community with medicine and spiritual help. He anoints Simba when he was born and blesses him in front of the whole populated land. He returns later on to guide Simba onto the path he was meant to follow. Although he doesn't provide Simba with anything physical, he provides him with guidance and wisdom into making him a King from being a prince.

Dispatcher: [Nala] Nala became devoted to providing for the pride when Mufasa's death caused Simba to run away. As Scar made the Pride Land's fall into ruin she searched outside of the land in desperation for some help. In effect she stumbled upon Simba, telling him of the state of the land and the corruption of Scar, causing Simba to return to the land and bring back peace.

False Hero: [Scar] Scar is the false hero as he plans with the hyena's discreetly. A traitor amongst the pride, which takes advantage of Mufasa's trust and kindness, which leads to the death of Mufasa killed by his own brother, Scar. 

Helper(s): [Timon and Pumba] Timon who is a meerkat alongside Pumba who is a warthog create the famous duo of Simba's trusty helpers. When Simba left the land and was lost, he came across Timon and Pumba who nursed him and took him in, showing him their ways of life, Hakuna Matata which means there are no worries. The two represent a typical friendship of one being clever and the other having physical strength. When it came to Simba fighting Scar both of these assets showed their loyalty and value by helping to defeat Scar.

Princess: [Nala] Throughout Scar's rule, he attempted to making Nala the queen to his throne, this led to her search outside of the land's, leading her to Simba. As the pride's traditions dictate, one day Simba and Nala would be king and queen together. Simba eventually defeats the villain Scar leaving the land restored to its former glory and marries Nala making her the queen to his rightful throne. Also at the end Rafiki presents Simba and Nala's newborn cub, just as Simba was presented at the beginning of the film. 

Her Father: Although Nala's father is unknown, the closest thing to represent a carer would be her mother, Sarafina. Her mother isn't shown much, but one of the scenes show her bathing Nala. I don't think there is any one who acts to reward the hero for his effort, except the hero himself taking what is rightfully his.


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