Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ideas, Inspiration, references and research.

So after being consulted with my tutor, it was decided rather than having micro projects which have no sense of narration and prove that i can accomplish a technique, but rather implant a theme and a sense of narration to it, so its more interesting to watch.

This was quite a difficult  task as i had to come up with an idea and at the same time orientate my work around this idea, rather than just practising each methodology. 
So i came up with a couple of concepts:

1] A woman wakes up, goes to the window and looks at the whole city (im thinking a futuristic city/near future) and she spots another person about to jump off a building, and thats all i got so far ;p

2] (Ambient music) A man walks up a mountain (side shot) , he gets to the top of the mountain and theres a whole new world up there, filled with natural beauty and awe. He see's the vastness of the land and starts to discover it (stuff happens along the way, dont know what yet!) then he arrives to a place where theres a big source of light and it attracts him to it, finally it cuts off and you see the man opening his eyes sitting at the window and looking out at the metropolis in front of him (sounds of the hustling city). The theme here contrasts between blissful nature and the busy lifestyle of city living.

I feel idea 2 is more stronger than the first, but it also seems to be a bit largescale and i dont know exactly how i will execute it, but the next step is to make a rough storyboard  and research existing inspirational works to conjure up more ideas which can hopefully lead to a stronger idea.

Some of the things which i can use as reference and inspiration:


(click to enlarge)

[Tekken Tag Tournament 2]

[Twinings advert]


[The Fountain]






 A look at some natural and moutainous scenery to give me a better idea on what I could create in my world of visuals.

[Primary Research]

I gathered some primary research from my local park. I know its not the best of places to go but considering time frames and limitations in travel i guess it was good for some basic references.

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