Friday, 19 October 2012

Matter of life and death (case study)

After watching this film, I had mixed opinions of it. The story was interesting and the concept of the narrative was good, but it didnt appeal to me due to it lacking the modern factor. Besides that you can still appreciate the cinematography (by Jack Cardiff) and other elements.

As such one of the early scenes in the film goes straight into a tense moment, between a girl on a radio and a guy in a war plane who is about to go down. 

This is the dramatic moment, which leads to the pair falling in love later on and ultimately being the centre point of the narrative. The strong use of colour in this scene signifies danger, as you can see in both shots the strong use of red in the background representing the distress of both the man and the woman. The womans distress being unable to help the man who is in a falling burning plane, which you can see the flames filling up the shot in the midst of panic. The scene then follows him jumping out of the plane into the sea, which later brings him ashore.

Feeling of war-

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