Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Video pitch + Top 5 + Case study

[Video pitch]

videpitc42h from M Hussain on Vimeo.

[5 inspirations]

I really enjoyed this short animation as it heavily consisted of visual effects and most of the techniques which i want to learn. I found the the narrative interestingly mysterious and the visual style really intrigued me.

This 3D short really inspired me for its use of 3D and narrative. Set in a beautiful futuristic, post apocalyptic world where nature has taken over along with some form of what seems like an alien force, which is after the destruction of humans. The cinematic effects are really effective and all the visual elements along with the plot work great together. An overall great short.

I wanted to show an environment in the game title 'Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare'. This map specifically really fascinates me as i enjoy the feeling of coldness, quiteness and in general the atmosphere looming around this environment. It is set in Ukraine, and as any eastern european country i feel this map has captured the essence of that place. The gentle falling snow adds a great touch, especially in contrast to the surrounding war torn place. 

Dylan Cole is a matte painter. 
I find his work highly inspirational and is similar to what i wish to achieve. He creates awe-inspiring scenes using various methods, including working in 3D, raw painting and image manipulation which are used as mattes and backdrops, as well as creating concept art within the entertainment industry.

[Case study]

Expulsion. Moon and Firelight

I am going to analyse and critique this painting as a case study. 
This painting was made by Thomas Cole in 1828 during the romanticist period, which consists of paintings depicting nature at a high level of awe. This painting portrays the place of the biblical story of Adam and Eve when they were expelled from eden, note there are no characters present, it is just a visual representation of the environment.

There is a strong sense of drama in this painting, especially with the contrast in colours and strong lighting. The composition is quite daunting, with the bigger rock towering over the whole scene, and filled with a fiery glow as if its representing hell in a sense. The foreground has unusual shaped dead trees, a silhouette emerging closer towards the viewer bringing the person in. While in the midground lies the focus point of the bridge and the rock fuelled with fire. In the background there is a waterfall which lies heavily in contrast with the elements in the front, as they are warm colours of bright oranges and glowing yellows, whereas the waterfall in the back gives a sense of cool water running abunduntantly into a valley.

Surrounding the painting are seperate entities altogether. A glimpse on the right represents heaven. A sense of harmony and tranquility are shown through the use of colours, warm yellows gently merging into the soft lavender sky which suggest sunrise. The mountains filled with fertile green land which are also vast as they dissappear into the haze of atmospherical perspective. 

A glimpse on the left of the painting shows a distance sunset across an ocean.This could represent earth in this scenario. There is a sense of relation between both sides, a sun rising in Heaven on the right and the sun setting on earth to the left. This could represent that Adam and eve are going to be left in the night of the earth as the sun sets, when they could have had the lightness of Heaven. 

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