Sunday, 28 October 2012

3D elements

I am going to make two 3D elements to be combined into the live action footage of my story, the two being a tree and a bulb plant. Using the references and research I started to come up with sketches (also found in sketchbook) to develop the objects.


I felt that the tree had to be a distinct and key feature of the film as it is in the opening scene, so i started off with creating silhouettes to get the right shape. Using moodboards and references of bonsai trees and such i developed different concepts.  After choosing one that i liked i decided to go ahead and start modelling.


Base mesh of the tree.

In order to make the vines i created a curva and extruded the face of a polygon along the curves path, a great technique as i had control of the shape.

This was the final mesh of the tree. All was left to do was add the leaves which i was planning on using paint effects for.

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